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Anime Industry in dismay?

For the past 2 to 3 years i have been hearing about the uncertainty of the anime industry; and though i deliberately play the ignorance card on the subject it has reach a stage where i can no longer be 1 dimensional about the issue.

I will firstly state that i am a huge anime fan at heart [though not otaku level], one that has been devoted to the industry a good 12+ years. Basically from since the time of Cartoon Networks now defunct Toonami programming block. Yes I have been there from the time Moltar was hosting the segment until ofcourse Tom intervened. Anyway, Toonami played a significant role in defining me as an anime fan and that was one of THE wiser outcomes that I have been thankful for in my entire existence. It has brought forth anime greats such as Rurouni Kenshin aka Samurai X, DBZ, Sailor Moon [yes i said sailor moon], Gundam Wing etc to the western audience at a time when watching anime was a rare occurrence.

Fast forward to now and we can surely see that the industry is not as lucrative as it once was. This ofcourse is as a result of numerous reasons which i won’t go in depth with. Let’s just say that the accession of torrent use, online streaming on 3rd party sites and the displeasure of animators play a significant factor in the floundering anime industry. But my main reason for writing this is due to the lack of consumer support [well in terms of patronizing or lack there of].

That’s right, the fans DO NOT BUY. Don’t get me wrong, majority of anime fans and otakus legitimately love what it is they do. They show and support this through frequenting anime conventions, joining anime forums, opening anime clubs etc. However, one aspect they show little support in is at the storefronts; and sadly I am one of these ungrateful bastards [pardon my english]. This ofcourse is something i am planning to change very soon.

Take this how you want but most of the anime fans are either too lazy or too greedy or financially in a bind to support the industry that needs them at this critical point in time. DVD sales are not as high as they should be considering the amount of supporters anime supposedly has. As a result Japanese studios are discontinuing support for western releases of anime series and to a more severe degree anime studios such as Gonzo were witnessing financial woes. 

Like I said earlier on I am also one of these unappreciative fans and I have absolutely no excuse for my absence in supporting the industry. But instead of feeling sorry for my negligence I vow to do something about it by giving back to a lifestyle [yes, thats what it is to me, a lifestyle] that have given so much to me.

And i will not use expensive anime DVD prices as my justification for not supporting the industry, because although there are indeed overpriced anime DVD collections there are also bargain bin deals that can be taken advantage of on common sites such as or

From one anime fan to the next I say to you go out there and support the industry even if you have to buy a cheesy hentai DVD for $5 just do it. Every fan counts.

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